ACI FMA Indonesia
About ACI FMA Indonesia
ACI FMA Indonesia which was established in 19 February 1982, is an organization affiliated to ACI (Association Cambiste Internationale) that based in Paris, and the Indonesian Bankers Association (IBI). Establishment of Financial Markets Association is motivated by the initiative of Bank Indonesia, Government Banks, Foreign Banks, and Private Banks in 1982 as a place for Money Market and Foreign Exchange dealers to gather under the name of Indonesian Foreign Exchange Traders Association/Perhimpunan Pedagang Devisa Indonesia (PPDI).

The Association is steered by professionals in the field of finance for 33 years. However, programs and missions carried out by the respective period of stewardships are continued across the generations. Until now, ACI FMA Indonesia is consisted more than 800 people from all over the Foreign Exchange and Non-Foreign Exchange banks, and Money Broker in Indonesia, which increased every year.

In 1986, in line with the growth and integration of financial markets, the scope of the organization widen which included Money Market, Foreign Exchange Market, Derivatives Market, Fixed Income securities, Money Brokers, and even treasury settlement (back office), hence the name PPDI changed to Forex Club Indonesia or Forexindo.

With the integration of treasury transactions in the financial markets, the activities of the profession are not limited to Forex and Money Market only, but also the Capital Market and Derivative Market. So in that regard and accordance with the appeal of ACI Paris in 1998, the name of Forex Club Indonesia (Forexindo) was renamed as ACI Indonesia (Forexindo) The Financial Markets Association, and then it was changed to ACI Indonesia in 2012, and reconverted into ACI Financial Market Association of Indonesia (ACI FMA Indonesia) in 2015.

To make ACI Indonesia as a professional institution which benefits the Indonesian and the Global financial industry, institutions, individual members, and the community in general through education, socialization and formation of Market Practice of Financial Markets that is professional and responsible.

  • As a place to accept inputs of Indonesia financial market products deepening
  • As a place for expanding the ability of individual and institutional members
  • As a place to reference global best practice standards for financial market participants
  • As a place to socialize financial markets regulator programs
  • As a place for educating the public in general about the financial markets
  • Active cooperation with other professional institutions both domestic and international to contribute in the international financial community