Message from ACI FMA Indonesia President

ACI-FMA Indonesia is a professional association in Indonesia that has diverse members representing the Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Bonds and Derivatives Markets. In addition, our members work in different banks size with different complexities.

This diversity pose a challenge since some members might only involve in simple and small size transactions while others involve in complex and large size transactions.

Thus, there is a gap in competence, knowledge and practice amongst member.  In 2019, ACI Indonesia aims to continue tighten those gaps, improve professionalism and raise ethical level while strengthen friendship at the same time.


Consistently as in previous years, ACI FMA Indonesia also tries to balance work and social activities of its members through sports and arts. This is done to further strengthen the relationship among fellow members of ACI FMA Indonesia.


Hopefully ACI FMA Indonesia will always provide and enhance its contribution in Indonesia financial market.

Thank you all for your support to ACI FMA Indonesia.

Chairman of ACI FMA Indonesia

Farida Thamrin